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We offer everything from t-shirts, hoodies and hats to hi-vis, pants and bags. The choices of apparel we offer is a long, long, list. To see it in all its glory, click here.

Screen Printed Transfers

Technology has allowed us to bend the traditions of this industry, blending old practices with new. As a result, innovation allows Proper Printed to step ahead of Australian competitors.

We utilise the method of screen printed transfers. It may sound like a bunch of buzz words, but this allows us to provide you with merchandise that has so many awesome benefits. Let’s explore them.


Compared to digital methods of printing such as DTG or DTF, our printing method allows us to absolutely shadow them in affordability. 

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Without getting too descriptive, our print method has a mostly better feeling to the hand than (depending on inks and mesh count) pure screen printing. Meaning less weight on your garment and better breathability. Especially if your design has minimal “colour blocks” or is mostly outlines, the feel of the print is very, very desirable.


Our print method allows for unlimited colours in a design and has excellent colour vibrancy.


When cared for properly (all orders come with care guides) your merch will stay sharp for a very long time.

If you’re sold on how we operate to make your merch, please contact our team here for a quote or enquiry.

Maximum print size of A3

We have a 10 minimum quantity per design

Designs must be sent as vector files.

Screen Printing
Offering the industry standard at better prices.

Also offering the trusty print method of pure screen printing.

When we use screen printing for custom t-shirts, stencils called “screens” are used. The individual screen applies each layer of coloured ink in order to complete a final design print. This technique offers vibrant colours and can provide a soft, almost nostalgic look. As a thick application of ink is used, a brighter finish of the product is usually achieved.

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