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Shop the latest range of Gildan custom t-shirts. Select the size and print area for your design, upload a design, choose a garment colour, preview your custom t-shirt and place an order. Our Perth-based team specialises in hybrid printing techniques using the latest in custom apparel printing technology to provide superior results. Bolder prints that last longer, are sharper with no fade or bleed, and the choice of unlimited colours to print with. All on a classic, comfortable and premium quality Gildan T-shirt.

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Flex your creative muscle with Gildan Custom T-shirts

In order to provide the best standard of t-shirt printing in Perth, we must find the right clothing partners. With Gildan, we have certainly found the gold standard. Their commitment to no-nonsense, timeless style offers the perfect backdrop for our customers to flex their creative muscles. 

In order for your designs to stand out on our custom t-shirts, we required a brand that offers high-quality, basic tees. When it comes to doing the simple things correctly and with quality, there is no brand better than Gildan.

The team at Gildan understand that basic doesn't mean less exciting or less fashionable. Basic means reliability, comfort, durability and quality. When you choose our Gildan custom t-shirts, you are opting for the ideal canvas to help your designs flourish.


Does Gildan care about its environmental and social responsibility?

The team at Gildan takes sustainability extremely seriously. They spin their yarn, source their cotton, dye, knit, sew and cut their fabric. There are main areas of focus that Gildan looks at:

  • Environmental impact
  • Impact on people
  • Respect for communities


  • Respect for circularity
  • Transparency

By taking these key factors into account, Gildan is making steps towards improving the sustainability of the fashion industry.

Are Gildan Custom T-shirts comfortable?

Yes! Gildan use 100% ring spun cotton for their t-shirts. Its material and method of production ensure that you receive an incredibly comfortable t-shirt that also looks the part.

Gildan doesn't cut corners when it comes to providing the highest standards of basic t-shirts.


Where can I put my designs?

In a wide variety of places! At Proper Printed, we want our customers to be able to express themselves through our t-shirt canvases.

With this in mind, you can place your design or logo right in the centre of your t-shirt to catch the eye or choose something more subtle.